Become a Double-Certified NLP Practitioner With One Of The World's Most Sought-After NLP Experts
This is My ‘Signature’ Professional Level NLP Course, Created To Help You Harness The Proven Power of NLP, Change Old Habits & Behaviours To Live Your Optimum Life & Help Others To Do The Same


  • ​​Transformative Online NLP Training 
  • ​​Comprehensive Academy Manual
  • ​​Certification from The American Board of NLP & The Complementary Medical Association
  • ​ Live Q&A Academy Sessions 
  • Details of ​​10 Potential Clients 
What's Included In The Academy...
Lifetime Access To Comprehensive Online Training
Join world-leading NLP Expert, Ali Campbell, as he guides you through the techniques and methods of NLP, as never before. You'll have lifetime access to the online course content. The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students, often with no previous experience, become certified practitioners, helping themselves, and many others all over the world.
Fully Illustrated and Explained Course Handbook
The illustrated digital Handbook, created specifically for this course and written by Ali forms an integral part of your training and will no doubt become your go-to reference guide for years to come. 
Accreditation 1: The American Board of NLP*
Upon certification, you'll become a Certified NLP Practitioner with a globally recognised organisation. The certification is a testament to the quality and materials included in the course and provides you with enhanced professional credibility, no matter where you live.
Accreditation 2: The Complementary Medical Association*
The CMA is widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for accreditations and, as an Academy student, you can look forward to being fully accredited with not just one, but two internationally recognised certification bodies. This means that, upon certification, you become one of very few doubly qualified NLP practitioners licenced to practice NLP anywhere in the world. You will also receive one months' study membership to the CMA when you join. 
Live Q&A Sessions**
You'll be able to join 'Live' Q&A Academy Support calls with Ali Campbell within a private Zoom group, only for Ali’s Academy students. You will be able to ask Ali questions personally, and you’ll also have lifetime access to these recordings to view at any time. 
Private Academy Facebook Group
You'll join a Facebook Group of NLP Practitioners and Experienced Apprentices who are certified by Ali Campbell. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the course content, or anything to do with NLP and coaching, with your fellow students.
Live Practice Sessions**
There is real value in having the opportunity to practise in a safe and supportive environment and so, as part of your Academy programme, you will be invited to take part in live practice sessions held by Ali and his team. The sessions are held via Zoom and take the format of a teaching session followed by work in break-out practice rooms, concluding with a group discussion/unpack together. These sessions are great fun and a great way to enhance your learning and improve your skills.
10 Prospective Clients*
When you qualify, you will be able to request the details of 10 potential clients; people who are actively looking to book a session with a Wellness Coach and have recently responded to an advertisement offering your help. We do all of the advertising for you, collect and then pass on their details to you so you can make contact...Then the rest is up to you! 

Your Course Curriculum:

Module 1:

Introduction to Old-School NLP

  • History of NLP 
  • ​Definition of NLP 
  • ​5 Principles of Success
  • ​Physiology of Excellence 
  • ​NLP Communication Model 
  • ​How Our Mind Filters Events
  • ​Prime Directives of The Unconscious Mind
  • ​The Presuppositions of NLP
  • ​The Common Myths of NLP
  • ​NLP in Society

Module 2:

The New School of NLP

  • Resetting, Not Replacing
  • ​Our Relationship with Thought 
  • ​Thought Perception Exercise
  • ​Introducing The 3 Principles
  • ​The Principle of Mind
  • ​The Principle of Consciousness
  • ​The Principle of Thought
  • ​Understanding Our Own Subjective Experience
  • ​Why You’re Only Ever One Thought Away from a Totally New Perception
  • ​The Illusion of Control

Module 3:

Rapport & Representational Systems

  • Building Rapport 
  • ​Mirroring and Matching 
  • ​Observing Other People 
  • ​Eye Patterns and Chart 
  • ​Representational Systems and Language Predicates 
  • ​All The ‘Sense’ Words You Know 
  • ​Representational Systems Flexibility Exercise 
  • ​List of Predicate Phrases 
  • ​Eye Accessing Pattern Questions

Module 4:

Sensory Acuity and Submodalities

  • Introduction to Submodalities 
  • ​Submodalities Checklists 
  • ​Changing Submodalities to Change Your State 
  • ​The Key Points with Visual Submodalities 
  • ​The Key Points with Auditory Submodalities 
  • ​The Key Points with Kinaesthetic Submodalities 
  • ​Mapping Submodalities 
  • ​Changing Dislike to Like, and Vice Versa 
  • ​Swish Patterns Fast Phobia Model

Module 5:


  • Anchoring Overview 
  • ​Keys to Effective Visual Anchoring 
  • ​Keys to Effective Auditory Anchoring 
  • ​Keys to Effective Kinaesthetic Anchoring 
  • ​Stacking Anchors 
  • ​Collapsing Anchors 
  • ​The 'State Break' Confusion Anchor (Ali's Key Secret)

Module 6:

NLP Language Patterns

  • ​NLP Language Overview 
  • ​Inspiration for the Meta and Milton Models
  • ​The Milton Model Explained 
  • ​Using Metaphors to Change Key Points for Good 
  • ​Examples of Metaphors 
  • ​Linguistic Presuppositions and Ambiguities 
  • ​Analogue Marks 
  • ​Embedded Commands

Module 7:

META Model & Deletion Patterns

  • ​Defining the Deletion Model 
  • ​Unspecified Nouns 
  • ​Unspecified Verbs 
  • ​Simple and Comparative Deletions 
  • ​Key Deletion Model Questions 
  • ​The Meta Model – Deconstructed 
  • ​The Meta Model - Deletions Exercise

Module 8:

META Model & Generalisation Patterns

  • Hypnotising Into a Belief 
  • ​Universal Quantifiers 
  • ​​Introduction to Modal Operators 
  • ​Modal Operators of Possibility and Impossibility 
  • ​Complex Equivalences

Module 9:

META Model & Distortion Patterns

  • ​Introduction to Distortions 
  • ​Nominalisations - a Recipe for Misunderstanding 
  • ​Mind Reading vs. Jumping to Conclusions 
  • ​Collapsing Cause & Effect 
  • ​Lost Performatives 
  • ​Linguistic Presuppositions of Existence, Awareness, Time, and Order 
  • ​Linguistic Presuppositions of The ‘ly’ Verbs

Module 10:

Advanced NLP Strategies

  • ​Reframing, Perceptual Positions 
  • ​Working with Submodalities and Anchoring 
  • ​Submodalities Demo Session 1 
  • ​Submodalities Demo Session 2 
  • ​Submodalities Demo Session 3 
  • ​Timeline Therapy 
  • ​Parts Integration 
  • ​6-Step Reframe

Module 11:

Using NLP for Change

  • ​Neuro Logical Levels Explained 
  • ​Neuro Logical Levels Alignment 
  • ​NLP Logical Levels Alignment for Personal Change with Robert Dilts 
  • ​Neuro Logical Levels Demo 
  • ​Emotion Release Technique and Emotion Release Technique Demo 
  • ​TOTE Model 
  • ​The Spelling Strategy

Module 12:

Advanced NLP Strategies

  • ​Introduction to Strategies 
  • ​Strategy for a First Client Session 
  • ​A Winning Strategy 
  • ​Strategy for an Initial Client Consultation

Module 13:

The Application of NLP

  • The Possible Applications of NLP 
  • ​How I Structure a Client Session 
  • ​Working with Submodalities and States 
  • ​Breaking Down a Parts Integration 
  • ​6-Step Re-frame Pattern Interrupts or 'State Breaks'
  • ​Handshake Interrupt Hypnotic Induction

Module 14:

Setting Up Your Practice

  • Setting Up Your Practice Online vs. In person 
  • ​Obtaining Insurance & Membership to Professional Bodies Code of Conduct CPD 
  • ​Client Confidentiality, Ethics, and Boundaries 
  • ​Principles of Good Practice 
  • ​Opportunities of Working with Other Healthcare Professionals 
  • ​The Importance of Branding - My Own Proven Marketing Formula, Website, and Online Presence 
  • ​How I Can Help You Become a Highly Sought-After Practitioner 
  • ​How to Set Up for Successful Online Sessions


Final Quiz & Assignments

  • Final Quiz 
  • ​NLP Final Assessment 
What People Say About The Academy:
"In The NLP Academy I Share My Very Best Techniques, The Same Powerful Methods I Have Collected During Nearly 20 Years Working At The Cutting Edge Of Personal Development."

"You’ll know from the Masterclass time we’ve spent together that my way of working is compassionate, but also direct and ‘no nonsense’, getting right to what works and helping people to feel better quickly, and for good. I’ve built my practice working that way, and now I’d love to help you do the same.

I've travelled all over the world, working with Celebrities, Rockstars and Royalty, helping them make REAL change in their lives, through effective and powerful NLP techniques that work.
I've been working in Personal Development for nearly 20 years, and I've written Five Best-Selling Books, including 'NLP Made Easy' which is Published by Hay House.
In fact, one of my books, 'Just Get On With It - A caring compassionate kick up the ass', first published in 2010 by Hay House, even outsold the Dalai Lama.
BUT, between you and I, you should know that all the public acclaim has come as a result of one thing... Helping the person who is sitting in front of me, and making a difference… FAST!
Now I'd love you to join the Academy where you will learn some of the most advanced and little-known NLP techniques, known only to the elite few.
So... whether you’re joining us for your own personal development or you’re already a therapist wanting to achieve better results, this course is like no other. 
You will not learn this anywhere else.
What you will learn is based on MY work, on MY journey and what has built MY success and a life for myself and my family that I never dreamed was possible.
YOU can be next. 
This course is suitable for everyone. From total beginners, to highly experienced NLP’ers.
Studying NLP was actually where it all began for me. 
I had left my ‘proper’ job to go back to being a personal trainer and through quite a few ‘coincidences’ found myself on an NLP course with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill. 
Learning NLP was like being handed the instruction manual for my own head. 
I didn’t even realise that I could have peace and quiet in my mind, let alone how to achieve it. 
NLP gave me that and I will be forever grateful to Richard, and John Grinder for what they created. 
Fast-forward several years, my own practice grew and developed as people got better faster and with more ease than ever before. 
My own NLP work developed and changed until I found what really worked for me and for thousands of clients around the world. 
Now I'm laying my cards on the table, showing you the methods I use to produce rapid and lasting change, and fast."

- Ali 

Watch a Sample Training Session:

Module 3: Observing Other People

How much do you observe other people, I mean really observe them and take note of their reactions? You may think you're quite observant, however, NLP will add a whole new dimension into how you see and read people.

Learn The Little-Known NLP Techniques That Can Make Real Change, Fast.

Now you can learn the secret of what I have really been doing all this time. 
If you are looking for an old-fashioned NLP practitioner syllabus, then this is NOT it. 
You could think of this as a FAST TRACK course and to a whole NEW WAY of looking at the world. 
There is NO FALSE STATE work here. 
The best ‘state’ you can be in is the most authentic you. 
There are lots of well-known NLP patterns we will not cover, patterns that have been around for 40 years that I just don’t use in my work. You’ll not find them in my book, and you’ll not find them on the course. 
What you will find is, "my version of some great old songs, which while they stay true to the original, are original enough in themselves and with a new ‘inside out’ perspective to add some extra value to the piece".
It’s in that ‘inside-out’ principle that you will find the biggest difference.

What People Say About My NLP Courses:
Celebrity Clients
"Ali Helped Me Break Lifelong Habits in No Time at All!"

Mica Paris
Singer & Actress
"Ali is Like Yoda, Except Wiser and Much Better Looking!"

Ali Bastian
'Hollyoaks' Actress/ Strictly Come Dancing
"Ali is My Secret Weapon!"

Kelly Rowland
Singer & X-Factor Judge
"Ali Is to Coaching What Peter Kay Is to Comedy, Genius!"

Nikki Sanderson
'Coronation Street' Actress & Model
"Ali Has Such an Incredible Gift, Thank You So Much!"

Sally Hawkins
Golden Globe Winning Actress
"Ali is a Master of the Mind and an Essential Foundation to Success!"

Sam Waley-Cohen
Cheltenham Gold Cup Winner
Real Change You Can Put Into Practice
Real Change You Can Put Into Practice
The course allows you to automatically make better, more authentic choices to live your optimum life, AND help others to do the same.

Imagine living completely in line with what matters to you in life, getting what you want guided by your heart but with greater access to mind, and with a much more relaxed relationship with your thinking.

You’ll find you trust yourself more, and with these skills, have the choice to shape the life you really want.
The work you will be able to do is remarkable. You can make such a difference that people can’t help but talk about it. 

The NLP Practitioner Academy with Ali Campbell