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Become part of an elite programme with one-on-one coaching from Ali Campbell, close-knit group coaching sessions, intensive online training, and much more.

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Ali has recorded all the steps to take in a purpose-built, online training platform which will enhance your learning and give you an invaluable resource to refer to. Just like in your Academy course, you can work through the modules at your own pace, revisit any steps, and access the materials as many times as you like, for as long as you like. The launch date is the 10th October, when the first three modules and related manuals will be released in the learning platform. From the 17th October onwards one further module will be released each week until complete.  

The Practice Made Perfect Mentoring Programme is a proven system that has already helped its students with no previous experience become highly profitable practice owners.
You'll have access to book three one-on-one mentoring sessions with Ali Campbell over 6 months (from purchase date). This will give you the perfect opportunity to delve into specific barriers and challenges you're facing and get individual guidance on how to overcome them with ease. You can use the sessions for whatever you need, even to get unstuck in your own mind if that’s most beneficial. The sessions are preferably spaced at the beginning, middle, and end of the timeframe. 
You'll be part of an exclusive  private community and be able to join regular Zoom calls where Ali Campbell will help answer all of your questions on how to build a practice from the ground up. You'll have weekly tasks, and recorded copies of the sessions will be available within the private Facebook group. These sessions are designed to feel as though you’re sitting around a table, working alongside Ali. Bring all your questions, share your screen, and get to work. *
There are three key areas that we’ve found people need most help with...

Organic Social Media - how to build a following online when everything keeps changing and you don’t know where to start. 

Paid Social Media - how to get ads to the right people at the right time and ensure that prospective clients become paying clients.

Copywriting - Websites, social media posts, and emails all need words. The right words can make all the difference; the wrong words, they make a difference too. 

For 12 weeks (beginning Oct '22) you will be able to join Zoom calls with one of Ali’s team:-
 - Natasha on Mondays for Organic Social Media
 - Jesse on Tuesdays for Copywriting
 - Shaun on Wednesdays for Paid Social Media
 - Ali himself on Thursdays to work on your Overall Strategy

This is a faculty of experts available for you to bring your questions to, and even share your screen with so they can see what you’re working on, and advise you based on their years of experience. These people are all at the top of their game and you’ll benefit immensely from what they can share. 

Building a practice on your own can be a lonely place. So, don’t do it on your own. Join our communal workspace where you can hang out, make friends, work together, and keep each other accountable for your progress. It’s a great way to stay focused and have some company too. This is a space just for you. It's only open to those within PMP and we think you’ll love it. **
When you run ads on social media you will need to send those people to a landing page that converts their interest into an enquiry. As part of your PMP package we will build that landing page for you. We’ll take care of the tech that collects email addresses and contact details. All you have to do is use what you’ll learn in PMP to give us some content for the page, and we’ll do ALL the rest, including adding your Facebook pixel and setting up the 'Thank you' confirmation page. ***
Ali is often asked whathe would do if he had to start all over again. You'll start your day every morning by checking in with your task for that day… Simply follow along and you’ll be making big progress before you know it. These are specific but easy action steps of how he built his thriving therapy business into a multiple 7-figure business working across many areas of personal development , and now working across . 
bespoke, functional, & responsive WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT (WORTH £2,500)
You’ll work with Ali's web team to plan, design, and develop a fully functional and mobile responsive website for you. These websites are bespoke to you and your requirements. All of our websites are designed on WordPress which allows you to easily edit content or add new features in the future. You’ll be supported every step of the way. ****
The systems behind Amelio have generated over $6,000,000 of client enquiries to date. Amelio is launching very soon in its own right as ‘Amelio-Rated’. It’s a place where service practices can position themselves to look for clients, build their reputation, and grow. Think ‘TripAdvisor’ but for Coaches and Therapists. As a member of PMP you will gain ‘featured provider’ status on Amelio when it launches. Prospective clients will be able to find and contact you, leave a review, and it should become your first place to turn to grow your practice. Amelio is unique and you will be one of the first to benefit from a global marketing strategy specifically targeted at your sector. ****
The Comprehensive Manuals created specifically for this course and written by Ali and his team, form an integral part of your training and will no doubt become your go-to guides for reference in the future. These digital manuals are available on the training platform within the PMP course, and contain industry insights, secrets and proprietary methods that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We’d appreciate if you keep what’s contained very much to yourself. 
  • Quick-Fire Guide to Identifying Your Target Market
  • ​Ultimate Personal Branding Guide
  • ​The Secrets to Business Branding & Pricing
  • ​The Complete Guide to An Effective Social Media Presence
  • ​Building The Perfect Practice Website
  • ​Building & Leveraging an Online Referral Base
  • ​The Secrets to Leveraging Social Media For Exposure
  • ​The Paid Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation Guide
  • ​How To Design, Deliver & Master an In-Person Course
  • ​How To Build, Design & Master an Online Course
  • ​Scaling Your Therapy Practice To 6-Figures and Beyond 
  • ​How To Market Your Online Course for 24/7 Sales
  • ​ How to ‘Upsell’ from an Initial Course to a Highly Profitable Cash Generator
  • ​Words That Sell
You'll receive the digital 'Practice Made Perfect' book to download which is a comprehensive 10-step guide to building and scaling a successful therapy practice to 6-figures and beyond with ease. Ali will uncover his personal experience with building his practice, and what he has done with countless apprentices over the last nearly 20 years.
You'll enjoy access to an exclusive group of likeminded people. It’s a unique networking opportunity where you can ask each other questions, engage in study groups, share insights and chat through the content together. It's a great way to learn, engage as you make your way through the modules, and beyond. 
Online Course Building FAST TRACK (worth £8,900/$10,000)
The online course space is BOOMING. It is predicted to be worth $400 BILLION very soon, and you could be part of that. The content of this part of PMP is our most coveted and we’ll let you into a secret; it’s very, very good! 

To see how good PMP is compared to others, Ali recently enrolled himself in the biggest (and most expensive - $10,000) offer from one of our competitors. You’ll likely have seen their ads on social media. 2 things happened. Firstly, Ali was completely underwhelmed by the content and support, and secondly… they fired him from the course with a full refund because they realised that the PMP offer is so much more comprehensive and far better quality, and we assume they were worried we’d take their business. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: -
  • You will learn how to design a course of your own in an area you’re interested in and with absolutely no prior experience needed. You could be selling that course online in a matter of weeks, and even while you sleep. 
  • ​You will learn the exact marketing strategy that anyone can follow, and which can sell your course around the world.
  • ​You will learn how to deliver extraordinary value and then how to ‘upsell’ to a higher-priced course or block of sessions, no matter your area of interest or level of experience. 
This is the EXACT same model that you have already been a student of so you know it works, and it is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE and never will be. 

This aspect of the course alone is easily worth more than the one Ali enrolled in. That was $10,000, payable in 2 instalments. As far as we know Ali is the only person who has ever been offered a refund without asking… That should tell you everything you need to know.

In the course building module Ali will guide and support you through each step. He knows the life-changing potential this could have for you, and is excited to be able to work with you for you on this very soon. On your sessions with Ali, you could work on your course ideas, plan the content, design the flow, and then move on to the marketing and scaling… As far as your imagination will allow. 

Keep in mind that big names like Amanda Hamilton, Richard Knight, Kelsey J. Patel, Jayney Goddard, Angie Banicki, Uri Geller, and more have all chosen to have Ali promote them using this exact model…Can you imagine what you could do too? Of course, we can’t tell you the value of course sales generated to date but it’s multiple millions of pounds, and we're in the third year. We know it works time and time again. 

what we'll cover IN THE MODULES:
Who is your target market? What problems do they face & how will you position your brand to help them?
We'll cover the fundamentals of identifying your target market, figuring out your offering, and building your price schedule and your brand identity.
Learn the Methodology Behind Building a Memorable & Profitable Personal Brand
Personal Branding is a fundamental part of building your practice. We'll show you how to build your brand persona, build effective social profiles, and amplify yourself in an effective and memorable manner.
Brand Identity, Practice Branding & Pricing.
What makes a memorable impression on potential clients and allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your practice? We'll show you how to distinguish yourself from the competitors and clarify what it is you offer that makes you the best choice for them.
Learn How To Build an Effective, Engaging, & Commercially-Driven Social Presence.
Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. In both organic and paid formats social media platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your enquiries and then sales.
Building Your Website & Its Content
Your website will be built by our development team.* We'll work on the content and creatives to include on your website together, alongside things we can do to make your website more visible to search engines like Google and Yahoo, plus how to make your site as powerful and compelling as possible. 
Building a Loyal Customer-Base & Driving Referrals.
It's no secret that referrals are among the top ways companies get new customers, but why are some so much better at it than others? And why do some really struggle? You’ll learn the proven tactics to build a loyal fan base of referrers and enjoy the benefits for years to come.
Constructing, Organising, & Conducting Client Sessions.
You’ll learn how to create the very best customer experience right down to how long each section should be for maximum impact, and the measurements you'll use to ensure client satisfaction. We'll also cover how to organise your client schedules and allow people to book themselves into your calendar, even while you sleep.
The Exact Method of Paid Social Media & Generating Leads at Scale.
This is a very specific area and requires specialist knowledge and skill. Social Media is a goldmine for generating new customers at scale. You’ll learn from one the best in the industry how to create as many new enquiries as you can handle, and book yourself solid almost from day one. Our strategies are proven, tried, and tested, time and time again, and right up to date following all the recent changes on Facebook and Instagram. 

Learn How to Design, Promote, & Deliver In-Person Events.
In-person events are still one of the most effective ways to get the word out and impress people with how you can help them. Get it right and 30% of the people at the event should be wanting a full price, one-to-one session with you. But as with anything worthwhile, to make sure it is a success it needs to be planned well, and so you’ll learn the exact formula that Ali has used for nearly 20 years. One event has been known to generate over $150,000 in new client bookings. We'll show you how to do it. 
Designing and Creating A Powerful Online Course.
Online Courses & Events represent an incredible opportunity and are the perfect way to build brand recognition and even a significant passive income. Ali and his team have designed and run courses for over 35,000 people to date, with people attending from all around the world. Of course, you have been one of those students too. You certainly don’t need to be working at the scale that Ali does to do very well from having an online course. The subject can be anything you’re passionate about and we'll show you how to find the right people, craft your message, and then fill the course up with new people, keen and ready to learn, and then… How to take the conversation further when those same students enrol in further study or become full-paying, private clients. You will not learn this anywhere else. 
  • Finding Your Winning Course Topic
  • ​Researching The Pain Points You’ll Help Resolve
  • ​Setting You Up for Creating Amazing Course Content
  • Designing The ‘Arc’ Of Your Course for Maximum Impact
  • Which Platforms to Use for Course Delivery
  • ​Setting Up the Correct Course Environment 
  • ​Automation To Maximising Course Engagement 
  • ​Taking Payments and Automatically Enrolling Student
  • Live Vs. Pre-Recorded Courses, and Which Is Best for You
**How To Market Your Online Course for 24/7 Sales
A pre-recorded online course gives you the opportunity do what’s needed to build real wealth. “Work once and earn often.” Once you have designed and recorded your course, you will learn how to position your course so that it’s found again and again by people looking for the kind of help you can offer. You do not need any previous experience; your course can be in an area that specifically interests you and as you’d expect, we’ll hold your hand at every step. Imagine waking up in the morning, checking your account and finding that you’ve earned money even while you slept… Now is the time to get in on what is a BOOMING market set to be worth $400 Billion very soon. 
  • Ali’s Winning Formula for Marketing Your Course
  • Creating High Impact Video Scripts
  • Filming Ads Videos - The Things You MUST Do
  • Static Creatives and The Secret to Their Success
  • Setting Up Your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns
  • Creating Your ‘Retargeting’ Audience for Lowest Cost Sales
  • How To Get Course Testimonials from Day One
  • How To Use Testimonials to Drive Even More Sales
  • Designing Your Course Sales Page (Jesse Will Help You with the Content)
  • Creating Your Course Branding
  • Optimising Sales for High-Growth, Mobile Traffic
** Cash Generator Courses - How to ‘Upsell’ from an initial course to a highly profitable cash generator. 
You might remember that you initially enroled in a Masterclass-level course. At the end of that course, you were offered or ‘upsold’ an Academy-level course, and now you’re here… It’s at the second level of course that you’ll make some really significant income and you’ll learn Ali’s exact methods for doing this, and also how to ‘upsell’ from your initial course to the next level and then beyond. You really could take this as far as your ambition allows. This information is not available anywhere else and is HIGHLY commercially sensitive. You are about to learn Ali’s exact methods for generating MILLIONS of dollars in course sales from very little outlay. 
  • The Arc of the Course Upsell
  • How To Ethically and Authentically Sell Online
  • ​Delivering Overwhelming Value
  • ​Pricing Your Upsell Offer
  • ​Setting Up Automated Recurring Payments
  • ​Which Platform to Use for An Upsell Course
  • ​Structuring Your High Value Course for Maximum Benefit
  • E-Learning Protocols for A Really Great Course and Customer Experience
  • The ‘Super-Upsell' and Add Even More Value for Even Bigger Profits
How to Scale Your Practice to 6-7 Figures.
Imagine you had a limitless marketing budget. Such a thing doesn’t come from having endless amounts of cash; it comes from being able to spend some money, recoup it, and then spend it again and again, gaining clients as you go and being able to repeat the process as many times as you want. 
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**Accountaility space will be open for 12 months (beginning Oct '22)
***Only provided once 50%, or more, of full fees are settled (if paying in instalments through agreement with PayThen)
****Only provided once full payment of fees is settled (if paying in instalments through agreement with PayThen)

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