Create Transformative Hypnotic States With Anyone, In Any Situation, With This Comprehensive Training On Rapid Induction Techniques That WORK
Immediately Drop Subjects Into Deep Trance States, Access Their Subconscious Mind, And Release Lasting Changes, Using Rapid Induction Therapy Techniques Created By Master Hypnotist, Ali Campbell


  • ​​Learn Ali's Rapid Induction Therapy Techniques
  • ​2 COMPREHENSIVE Manuals
  • ​Join Ali for LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • ​Lifetime Access to Training Modules
  • ​Details of 10 Potential Clients 


What's Included?
Lifetime Access to Online Training
The Rapid Induction Academy is a massive resource (possibly the largest ever compiled) that details the professional protocols of Rapid Inductions, trance states, subconscious transformation, and more, like never before! To ensure you have the time to master the techniques, the Academy is self paced, and we include lifetime access to the training modules. That way you can learn at your own speed and work around your lifestyle. 
The ONLY Professional Rapid Induction Manual  
Ali is the first hypnotist to not only release Rapid Inductions that have been road tested thousands of times, and on every type of client, but he is also the only hypnotist to create such a comprehensive 93,000-word supporting manual for professionals. This digital manual accelerates what you’ll learn in the course and is sure to become your ‘go-to’ guide as your practice grows! ​
The Professional’s Guide to Stage & Street Hypnosis
Discover the REAL secrets to hypnotising people on stage or on the street, safety practices to make every experience a fun one, as well as unorthodox (and amazing) hypnotic routines, and more! This digital manual is Ali’s way of helping you expand your exposure and create interested clients with ZERO ad spend!
FULL Accreditation & Certification From The Prestigious Complementary Medical Association*
Once you complete all the course material, you will be certified through the world-renowned Complementary Medical Association which is widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for accreditations. As an Academy student, you'll also get a month’s student membership to the CMA, at no cost to you, as part of your Academy programme!
LIVE Q&A Sessions With Ali**
Join Ali on regular Live Q&A sessions. As you work through the modules, note down any questions you might have and ask Ali directly on the next session. As you work through the modules, the sessions are an additional support point for you. You’ll also have access to any session recordings so you can watch them back at your leisure.
Live Practice Sessions
As a member of the Rapid Induction Academy, you will be invited to take part in exclusive LIVE practice sessions with Ali and your fellow students. These sessions will take place on Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world, and they will give you the chance to practise your skills in a safe and supportive environment, under Ali’s personal supervision. What better way to build your confidence and skill and learn by 'doing' and then unpacking.
Mastermind Facebook Group
Joining the Rapid Induction Academy comes with access to a private Facebook group filled with likeminded people all working through the content of the Academy, and all driven to make the world a better and more interesting place!
10 Prospective Clients*
When you qualify, you will be able to request the details of 10 potential clients; people who are actively looking to book a Hypnotherapy  session and have recently responded to an advertisement offering help. We do all of the advertising for you, collect and then pass on their details to you so you can make contact...Then the rest is up to you! 
Your Course Curriculum

Module 1:

An Introduction to Hypnosis

Join Ali in week one as he pulls back the curtain on the myths and common misconceptions around hypnosis, revealing the truth about all trance states, the ‘iceberg’ theory of the mind, and finishes with a real look at the history of hypnosis on the stage and in the therapy realm!

  •  A message from Ali Campbell
  • ​The two parts of the brain - Understanding the subconscious mind.
  • ​Why your brain is like an iceberg
  • ​The illusion of conscious choice
  • ​Why you are already in trance
  • ​Debunking the myths of Hypnosis
  • ​Contraindications to Hypnosis
  • ​The history of Hypnosis in stage performance
  • The history of Hypnosis in therapy

Module 2:

Effective ‘Pre-Trance’ Practices

In this module Ali shows you the real work to set up successful Rapid Inductions. He will show you how to get subjects to commit to trance before being hypnotised and be excited to give you permission to hypnotise them, how to stretch their mind into shape before you start, and the real information on brainwaves and trance states.

  • Preparation for trance work
  • ​Taking control of the situation
  • ​Gaining opt-in permission to hypnotise
  • ​Brainwave patterns
  • ​How to tell if someone is hypnotised

Module 3:

How To Use Tests to Guarantee Trance States

In week three Ali will show you how to use hypnotic susceptibility tests to gauge trance receptivity. Discover the four tests you need, how to do them, and how they reveal which Rapid Induction is the right ‘fit’ to ensure a deep trance state, no matter the subject.

  •  Why do we test hypnotic susceptibility? 
  • ​The magnetic fingers susceptibility test
  • ​The Elman Eye and arm lock susceptibility test
  • ​Light/heavy arms susceptibility test
  • ​The lemon susceptibility test

Module 4:

Everything You Need to Know About Induction Work

This module is where Ali shows you the real details hypnotists don’t want you to know. He will walk you through each phase of the more commonly used inductions, showing you how they REALLY work, and how to make them even more powerful. You’ll also discover the ONE induction you should always avoid, learn how to gauge trance depth with Dave Elman’s techniques, and much, much more!

  •  PRI – Set-up phase
  • ​PRI – Induction phase
  • PRI – Progression and transition phase
  • ​PRI – Demo session
  • The Elman Induction explained
  • Fractionation in the Elman Induction
  • Using the Elman Induction to gauge depth of trance, broken down and explained fully
  • ​Why you should NEVER use the amateur Hypnotherapist's favourite induction

Module 5:

 Ali’s 7 PROVEN Rapid Inductions

In this module Ali will teach you the seven Rapid Inductions he uses to instantly drop even the most resistant subjects into a trance state. He will show you what makes a Rapid Induction and why it works. This isn’t ‘fluff’ work. You’ll learn the exact methods, systems, and protocols to induce rapid trance states for deep and lasting change.

  • How Rapid and Instant Inductions work
  • ​Mastering the Confusion Induction
  • Confusion Induction Demo
  • ​A truly Rapid Induction
  • ​Rapid Induction demo
  • ​Magnetic hands induction 
  • Hand drop induction 
  • ​Arm pull induction
  • ​Handshake interrupt induction
  • ​Hand to face induction
  • ​Drop back/fall back induction (& chair drop back for safety)

Module 6:

Session with Ali

In this RARE bonus session, you’ll join Ali, as he walks you through the power of speed inductions,  demonstrations, how to implement Milton Erickson’s systems to ‘bind’ subjects into profound trance states, and secret additions too good to mention!

  • Rapid Induction seminar and demos 
  • ​Parts 1,2, and 3 including
  • ​Demonstrating the power of speed – Live
  • ​The Ericksonian Bind

Module 7:

How To Immediately Deepen the Trance State

In this module Ali will walk you through each of the processes you can use to take your subjects to deeper trance states, and the phenomena to pay attention to. You’ll learn how to use breathing control, visualisation, and ‘coloured counting’ to draw your subject deeply into a trance state, as well as realise the importance of repetition in administering profound change. 

  • Breathing  
  • Deepening 'levels'
  • Kinaesthetic deepeners
  • ​Fractionation (re-induction)
  • ​Muscular catalepsy
  • ​Key state deepeners 
  • ​Counting and numbers
  • ​The value of repetition

Module 8:

How To Read & Use Ideo-Motor Signals

This module is where you’ll discover how to use suggestions to create Ideo Motor signals. Ali will show you how to set up the situation, the right pacing for the suggestions and negotiating agreement, and how to transform the tiniest responses into trance-formative results.

  • Ideo Motor Signals: when to implement them 
  • Ideo Motor Signals: (including Oprah and IMR demo)
  • Using clean language
  • ​Sensory acuity
  • ​Parts therapy (including zoom 'parts' demo)
  • Disassociation & Timeline therapy – Including Timeline from NLP 

Module 9:

How To Give Suggestions So They Stick

In this module Ali shows you the proper way to give a suggestion so it sticks, using metaphor. Metaphors slide under cognitive resistance allowing access to the ’problem-solving mind’. Ali will show you how to construct and implement them. He will also show you how to compound metaphors with future-pacing techniques and guarantee the impact, and acceptance, of your suggestions.

  • Constructing hypnotic suggestion 
  • Utilising questions in hypnosis
  • Constructing and delivering ‘Metaphor’ suggestions
  • Pacing the metaphor to the client's representational system
  • ​Examples of six effective metaphors

Module 10:

Unleash Transformation Using Regression

This module is where you’ll learn how to use regression to release past troubles, allow the subject to see future opportunities, and break bottlenecks, as well as how to care for the subject to ensure every session resolves issues calmly. You will also learn the different ways the mind likes to trick us. Plus, Ali will give his guidance on working with groups and children, and how both can be fantastically rewarding.

  • False memory syndrome 
  • Working with groups 
  • Working with children
  • Types of regression 
  • ​The regressionist’s role 
  • ​Client care during a regression session

Module 11:

Relieving Pain Through Hypnosis

Ali takes you through how to assess a subject’s pain situation and then provide suggestions to alleviate it. You’ll learn what practices to share, what mindsets to build, and what traditional approaches to avoid. Ali also reveals safety protocols you can use with chronic pain users to trigger a waterfall of relief during an attack. The module closes with a look at systems to help IBS, blushing, and more!

  • Effective pain reduction in Hypnosis
  • Contraindications to Hypnosis for pain 
  • Chronic pain reduction technique
  • Installing a safety mechanism when working with chronic pain
  • ​Working with IBS
  • ​Working with Blushing
  • ​Conditions suitable for a control room technique

Module 12:

Energy Centred Waking Techniques

In this module Ali reveals how to use the waking process to deepen suggestions, energise the subject, and pre-programme the subject for re-induction when needed. Here you’ll learn the best ways to awaken, how to use counting, and how to create and implement defined feedback loops for lasting change.

  • ​ What is a waking procedure?
  • ​ Counting
  • ​ Positive reinforcements
  •  ​Eliminate all hypnotic suggestions 
  • ​ Programme for instant re-inductions 
  • ​ Someone didn’t wake up
  • ​ Useful suggestions and defined feedback loops 

Module 13:

Create Financial Freedom by Building a Thriving Business

In this final module Ali takes you, step by step, through the process of building, launching, and running a hypnosis business. Here Ali reveals the common mistakes beginners make, how to build a fully scheduled book of business right away, what legal setups you’ll need, and more. 

This module was only taught privately to exclusive clients and is worth the cost of the course if you’re looking to run a full or part time hypnosis business.

  • Setting up your practice   
  • Obtaining insurance 
  • Membership to professional bodies 
  • ​Marketing strategies 
  • ​Website and online presence 
  • ​Data protection 
  • ​Current legislation including Health & Safety and The Children’s Act 
  • ​Client confidentiality 
  • ​Ethics and boundaries 
  • ​Code of conduct 
  • ​Principles of good practice 
  • ​Supervision – CPD and your wellbeing 
  • ​Opportunities of working with other healthcare professionals 
  • ​Taking the next steps 
"Gain Access to The Rapid Induction Therapy Protocols I Created Working At The Cutting Edge Of Personal Development During Nearly 20 Years, And FINALLY Drop Clients Into Trance Instantly"
What if you could access anyone’s subconscious mind instantly and create positive transformations so powerful, their entire life improved?

Using Rapid Induction Therapy, you can.

Traditionally, Rapid Inductions were reserved for stage hypnotists. They are big. They are flashy. They are dramatic. Honestly, it looks like magic.

Talk to anyone in the audience after the show, and they all ask the same question.

Was that real?

It is! Rapid Inductions instantly drop subjects into profound trance states.

So, why aren’t more hypnotherapists using them? 

Rapid Inductions are traditionally reserved for experts with years of experience. Most hypnotherapists become certified, open a business, and close it a year later…and for good reason.

Their inductions take too long.
Their suggestions don’t stick.
Their clients walk away unimpressed.

You can change all of that, build a thriving business, and deliver transformative results with anyone, no matter how resistant they are, with Rapid Inductions.

"Hi, I’m Ali Campbell.

I’m a Life Coach, multi-book best-selling author, and renowned Hypnotist KNOWN for delivering results.

For nearly 20 years, I've worked at the cutting edge of personal development. I’ve blended NLP, hypnosis, mental mastery, and more, to create profound and lasting change.

Now I'm pulling back the curtain to one of my most powerful tools - Rapid Inductions, with The Rapid Induction Academy.

The Academy is unlike anything ever created.

It is a straight to the point training that teaches you everything you need to start doing Rapid Inductions, right away.

I show you the real work the other courses fail to teach, things like: -

  • Picking the right Rapid Induction for a subject
  • ​Using tests to make Rapid Inductions faster
  • ​Assessing trance state
  • ​Sinking subjects into trance depth suitable for profound change
  • ​Making suggestions ‘stick’ 
  • ​And the REAL WORK to building a booked-solid business

This is a fully guided course that reveals the REAL WORK I use to deliver life-changing results.

If you’ve been interested in learning Rapid Inductions, creating transformative change, and mastering hypnotic language to deepen trance, this course is for you.

But don’t just take my word for it. Hear what a few of the THOUSANDS of satisfied customers have to say…"
What People Say About 
My Academy Courses
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  • ​​Upon completion of the Academy, you'll be able to gain access to the CMA Practitioner Membership, which is the professional proof that subjects look for 
  • ​Get featured as a Top Practitioner on CMA’s site, with a direct link to your site
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Create Radical Transformations Using Little-Known Inductions That ACTUALLY Work

Radical transformations happen when people want them to.

Rapid Inductions open the door for subjects to pass through and transform their lives.

Ali teaches you seven little-known inductions for doing exactly that. 

These aren’t random inductions pieced together at the last second to sell you something.


These are inductions that have been used and refined over nearly 20 years, and with thousands of clients.

And now you have access.

But, you ask, why does this matter?

Rapid Inductions are your path to creating radical transformations that help your clients, and help you to build a booked-solid business.

Building a solid practice relies on doing one thing.

Delivering transformations worth talking about.

Getting a client to stop smoking connects you with EVERY SINGLE SMOKER THEY KNOW who wants to stop smoking.

Helping someone: -

Lose Weight
Have More Energy
Alleviate Pain
Create Positive Habits They ACTUALLY Stick To
And More...

If you’re ready to change lives, build a thriving business, and have the PROVEN systems to instantly drop clients into a trance state….

Join the Academy, TODAY.
This Academy Is The MOST Comprehensive Rapid Induction Training, By An ACTUAL Professional, On The Market

Within the Academy, not only do you gain access to comprehensive training within the modules, you also gain access to TWO different manuals which accompany the course. These are there to support you so you not only learn faster, but also process the protocols on a deeper level.
When you enrol, included is both...

"The Professional Hypnotist's Rapid Induction Academy Manual  
- Revised Edition
"The Professional Guide To Stage & Street Hypnosis

what people say about
my RAPID induction courses
Meet Expert Hypnotist And Celebrity Life Coach, Ali Campbell…
Ali Campbell is a world leading Life Coach, who specialises in the combined practices of Hypnotherapy and NLP to guide people to live their best lives.

Using his transformative practices, he’s made himself one of the most sought-after coaches in the world. 

His weight loss solution ‘The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets’ is sold in 52 different countries. 

Ali is also an international bestselling self-help author whose book ‘Just Get On With It - A Caring, Compassionate Kick Up The Ass’ has outsold authors around the world, including the Dalai Lama!

When he isn’t teaching, he advises celebrities, royalty, and world leaders, in how to master their mindset and lead with intention and purpose. Ali’s no nonsense, ‘kick in the butt’ approach which uses resilience and psychology to create change, WORKS.

Celebrity Clients
"Ali Helped Me Break Lifelong Habits in No Time at All!"

Mica Paris
Singer & Actress
"Ali is Like Yoda, Except Wiser and Much Better Looking!"

Ali Bastian
'Hollyoaks' Actress/ Strictly Come Dancing
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Sam Waley-Cohen
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