Learn The little-known Rapid Hypnotic Induction Techniques That Can Make Powerful, Lasting Change From The Inside Out

Whether you're looking to guide yourself or anyone else elegantly and quickly to positive, real, and lasting change, this is the right place for you.

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Join Best-Selling Author, Ali Campbell, for Weekly Facebook LIVE Training Sessions 
Ali Campbell will be hosting the sessions on a Private Facebook Group of likeminded people, so you can follow along, ask questions, and even join in on the training. You will have access to the training sessions even after the live sessions are complete.

"You will be equipped to help yourself, and others, to live their optimum life through real, Yet little-known, rapid induction practices that get results, and fast."
Maybe you've always been fascinated by STAGE HYPNOSIS or, perhaps, you've looked with a sense of scepticism and doubt about RAPID HYPNOTIC INDUCTIONS

Are the people on stage actors? Maybe they're just playing along for fun, or maybe, just maybe there's something in it that most Hypnotherapists miss, are terrified of, and so turn away from BUT

The TRUE POWER OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE… What's not generally available is how to harness it and use it for good.

RAPID INDUCTIONS ARE RARELY TAUGHT TO BEGINNERS, and if they are, then they're usually hidden behind smoke and mirrors so you can never quite get it and learn how it's really done.

Rapid Inductions are a closely guarded secret held close to the chests of those who know, and they're not telling. It's a bit like being in the Magic Circle, only open to those in the know, but no one who knows is going to tell you how to get in… UNTIL NOW!

Ali Campbell has been working at the cutting edge of Hypnotherapy and Personal Development for nearly 20 years. In that time, he has worked with countless CELEBRITIES, ROCKSTARS, BILLIONAIRES, AND EVEN ROYALTY.

Ali has also written multiple best-selling books and has been featured on TV and Radio around the world. He is uniquely placed to teach you how to use these same proven techniques for success, and to show you how to make the theory work in the real world when it really matters, and the stakes are high.

Here are just a few numbers to illustrate Ali's career to date: -

  • Featured on mainstream TV in over 127 Countries. 
  • ​Peak radio audience of over 1,000,000 people listening. 
  • ​P​rivate sessions number over 40,000. ​
  • ​He holds the accolade of being in the top 6 in the world. 
  • ​​Outsold the Dalai Lama in book sales. ​
  • ​Last 84 Events in a row all SOLD OUT.
If you want to learn RAPID HYPNOTIC INDUCTIONS, you could not possibly be in better hands.

"I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW RAPID INDUCTIONS WORK. I have no interest in keeping these techniques a secret anymore, in fact, quite the opposite. The truth is that while Rapid Inductions look very flashy, they are actually very predictable and rely on replicable science to explain their success."
Our 14-Hour Comprehensive Curriculum

Week 1:

The Foundations of ALL Hypnosis
Hypnosis is natural! I’ll prove that to you and show you exactly how it’s done but… Before you build anything substantial, especially knowledge and skill, you must lay solid foundations. For that reason, our first session is all about the fundamentals of Hypnosis and building a good strong foundation for your future results. 
In this first session together, you will learn how to assess absolutely anyone for their 'Hypnotisability' accurately... No, it's not a real word, but it really does work, and you'll be able to quickly and accurately assess someone's Hypnotic suggestibility like never before. 
I'll even let you into a professional secret… If you know how someone is 'wired up' before you even start, you have absolutely nothing to fear in hypnotising anyone and everyone. That's how the pros do it, and I'll show you how. 
Straightaway, in this opening session, we’ll remove all the guesswork and risk, so you’ll know exactly the correct technique to use, and when. 
I’ll even share my own 3-step "utterly fool proof" process which I have never shared like this before. 
You may have seen some of these 'suggestibility' tests elsewhere, but few know how to use them in the way I’ll show you here, exactly as I do with my own private clients. 
“Ali Campbell is my Secret Weapon” - Kelly Rowland 
PLUS – Right away, in the first session, I’ll ALSO show you the NLP techniques that will allow you to find out exactly which induction is guaranteed to work every time.  
So, in this first session alone we will cover: -

  • ​Setting the scene and quickly building powerful rapport to ensure compliance from anyone who wants to work with you
  • ​The traditional Magnetic Fingers suggestibility test (with a unique twist that makes it EVEN more powerful)
  • ​The Elman Eye Lock suggestibility test — devised by the ‘founding father of Rapid Hypnosis', Dave Elman himself
  • ​The Rigid Arm suggestibility test from Dave Elman’s later work
    (NB. I teach alongside Dave Elman’s son, Larry, so I have first-hand insight into how the great man worked, and it’s NOT as you might have seen elsewhere) 
  • ​The suggestibility test which is ideal for your more analytical subjects ​and for those who need a less invasive approach, and also perfect for working online

18th October

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)

Week 2:

The Basis of ALL Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
In this dedicated Rapid Induction section, you will learn the psychological foundations for ALL Rapid Hypnotic Inductions and be able to amaze friends and Hypnotists alike by knowing not just how to do it, but also, psychologically, WHY Rapid Inductions work as well as they do.
Without getting too technical, we’re going to get into the neuroscience behind Hypnosis to understand which parts of our nervous system are being triggered and its effect on the brain. 
Hypnosis done properly like this, is measurable, authentic, and REALLY powerful. 
Sure, you can learn how to create superficial trance states elsewhere but here is where you’ll learn the real professional secrets that only a select few have ever known… Until now. 
“Thank you Ali, you have a remarkable gift” - Sally Hawkins (Golden Globe Winning Actress)
Even in the world of professional Hypnosis, very few know why Rapid Inductions work as they do. Hypnosis is not about having a showman’s confidence or bravado or flashy stagecraft. Once you understand the fundamental neuroscience that creates the trance state, you’ll find it so much easier to put it into practice, time and time again. 

You’ll learn how the brain really works in relation to Hypnosis AND...

  • ​How the Hypnotic mind and the dreaming mind are very closely connected and even how the REM (rapid eye movement) state is accessed during natural sleep and Hypnotic trance
  • ​What is happening at a neurological level during the vital pre-trance phase 
  • ​What is happening in the brain as anticipation builds within the client 
  • ​Exactly what to say and do to set this natural pattern up for success, every time

You’ll learn about the exact changes happening in the brain when an electrical spike fires from the brainstem all the way up to the neocortex. 

This is known as the PGO spike. It’s like a tiny natural bolt of lightning that flashes through our mind, interrupting most other electrical signals, and this is what we are triggering to happen when we perform a Rapid Induction. It is natural and measurable, even under laboratory conditions. 

Here’s what the scientists say…

“PGO waves are distinctive waveforms of propagating activity between three key brain regions: the pons, lateral geniculate nucleus, and occipital lobe; specifically, they are phasic field potentials. These waves can be recorded from any of these three structures during and immediately before REM sleep. The waves begin as electrical pulses from the pons, then move to the lateral geniculate nucleus residing in the thalamus, and then finally end up in the primary visual cortex of the occipital lobe.”

Let’s not worry too much about all the big words; this is a very practical course, and so...

I’m going to show you not just what to do to trigger a powerful PGO spike but also, what’s happening in the brain at the time. 

Most Hypnotists, even professional Hypnotists, DO NOT know this. 

25th October

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)

Week 3:

Learn a WIDE RANGE of Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
You’ll have learned already that all Rapid Hypnotic Inductions work based on triggering the PGO spike, but… 

Having a wide range of approaches in your toolbox will give you the flexibility to be able to Hypnotise anyone quickly and easily, and in a way that’s most appropriate for them, making it easy for you to work with any willing subject.
“Ali Campbell is my Miracle Man” - Katie Price who overcame her fear of water after just 17 mins working with Ali. 
In this week’s session, we will cover: -

  • My Top 3 Favourite Rapid Inductions with Something for Everyone
  • ​The Hand Drop Induction 
  • ​The Falling Back (safely) Induction and The Arm Pull Induction 
  • ​You’ll learn about what are sometimes known as 'Instant inductions'
  • ​The NLP'ers favourite - Handshake Interrupt Induction ​
  • ​The FULL Dave Elman induction from start to finish, as taught by Elman himself in 1922
    This is a BIG section packed with little-known information that has long been forgotten by many, but yet holds the key to making the famous ‘Elman Induction’ fool proof, and SO POWERFUL.

1st November

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)

Week 4:

Powerful Rapid Hypnosis Deepeners
As well as learning some of the most potent Rapid Hypnotic Inductions themselves, it’s also essential for you, the Rapid Induction Therapist, to understand how to quickly and reliably deepen a Hypnotic state, allowing you to guide your therapy client to the appropriate level for the change work they need. 
“Working with Ali has changed my Life” - Sheikh Salman Bin Khalid Al Khalifa. Member of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the first Bahraini to be accepted to West Point Military Academy.
Different issues require a different depth of trance… MOST HYPNOTISTS DO NOT KNOW THIS. 

In this section we will look at some of the very best deepeners including: -

  • The Coloured Numbers deepener 
  • ​Pacing and leading with embedded commands as a deepener - this is a sneaky and super powerful favourite
  • ​The famous Elman Eye Lock Hypnotic deepener 
  • ​Arm levitation and drop deepening technique which is perfect for working with clients online
  • ​The difference between a deepener and ‘fractionation’, and when to use each
  • ​The original “Eyes open and close” fractionation technique
  • ​The Hypnotic Staircase 
  • ​​The good old “shoulder-press” fractionation Hypnotic deepener 
  • ​The associated deepener - You will be AMAZED by how easy and powerful this one is.

Tuesday 8th November

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)

Week 5:

Testing Depth of Trance
Did you know that different Hypnotic phenomena occur ONLY at specific depths of trance state? Most Hypnotherapists, even experienced ones, have no idea how to work with the different trance states required to bring about genuinely life-changing transformations. 
“Ali is a master of the mind and an essential component for success” - Sam Walley Cohen the first amateur jockey to win The Cheltenham Gold Cup. 
In this session you’ll learn ALL the different trance states and EXACTLY which to use for which issue or phenomenon, AND how to test accurately to take all the guesswork out of your session to all but guarantee outstanding results. 
The deeper you go, the better you feel and the better you feel, the deeper you go… We’re in hour 9 of your training already, and here we’re going as deep as you like while you learn about the 6 "official" and 7th "unofficial" states of trance.  

“I love this course and I am now a certified Hypnotist with Ali Campbell” Peter Facinelli – Hollywood Actor best known for the series ‘Twilight. 

We’re going to use "Arons' Depth Scale", named after its creator, Harry Arons, because it's easy to remember and based upon the observed effects of the level, rather than more ambiguous criteria, and shows repeatable and comparable stages of Hypnosis for you to follow. 

Stage 1: Hypnoidal – Hypnosis in this stage is very light. Many clients don't feel or believe they are even hypnotised and feel completely awake and aware. 

Stage 2: In this state the mind and body come more under the subconscious' control. Larger muscle groups can be controlled and manipulated with phenomena such as Arm Catalepsy becoming possible. 

Stage 3: At this level, control of the muscular is nearly complete. Profound catalepsy is possible. Most people can be made to "forget" a number and will be unable to recall it. 

Stage 4: At this stage subjects start to exhibit more incredible phenomena including the beginning of proper amnesic stages. 
Stage 5: This is where true somnambulism (literal translation is ‘sleepwalking”) begins. Clients can experience complete anaesthesia and can lose the ability to feel discomfort or touch completely. Most pain control is possible at this stage.  

Stage 6: Profound Somnambulism. Subjects can experience 'Negative Hallucinations' where they don't see or hear things that actually do exist.

The 7th "Unofficial" Hypnotic State – The Esdaile Coma: 
It is characterised by the subject not responding to any suggestions, due to the state being so comfortable and pleasant that the subject ignores the Hypnotist. 
In this session, you’ll learn, in detail, about each recognised Hypnotic State and also when and how to use them reliably, time after time. 

15th November

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)

Week 6:

Rapid Induction "Therapy"
This section of my Rapid Induction Therapy course is where it starts to come together and where you'll learn a unique method perfected during more than 40,000 client sessions, across nearly 20 years at the cutting edge of personal development.  
It's often wrongly thought that suggestion is a fundamental tool in Hypnotic interventions. In this session I'll explain why that is a view commonly held, but wrong, and why both direct and indirect Hypnotic suggestions must be used.
“I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Myself, Chris and Bo had the most amazing time together - the best Christmas we have ever had, all thanks to what you have done for Chris - so thank you so very much!” Jessica Wife of a private client 
Change does not need to take a long time, quite the opposite; in fact, the quote above came after just ONE SESSION.

  • You will learn my Rapid Induction Therapy patterns for habit and belief change, that can eliminate even lifelong habits in no time at all
  • ​You will learn specific techniques to address pain management, stress reduction, anxiety, and insomnia and, of course, which methods are most appropriate to which issues
  • ​You will learn specific direct and indirect Hypnotic suggestions, and know when to use each ​
  • ​You will learn why no two sessions should EVER be the same and why you must work with the needs of the person in front of you
  • ​You’ll learn why scripts are NEVER the answer and only used by poorly equipped therapists 
  • ​The KEY Rapid Induction Therapy change technique ​
  • ​The "control room" technique that is great for pain reduction and the removal of allergies, and even anxiety 
  • ​The role of metaphor in Hypnotic change
  • ​​The "future pacing" technique 
  • ​​My safe and reliable wake-up process

22nd November

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)

Week 7:

BONUS SESSION: How to Start & Scale a Successful Practice
Learn the methods I used to build a multi-6-figure practice and how I teach my apprentices to do the same.

  • Starting a Practice ​
  • ​How to Generate Leads and Enquiries ​
  • ​Sales & Converting Leads ​
  • ​Scaling Your Practice to 6 Figures and Beyond

29th November

7pm - 9pm
(UK/London Time)


What's Included in this masterclass...

Live Training

Weekly Live Training Session for seven weeks where you can learn, ask questions, and join in on the training. You'll also know what the session will be about and the topic agenda in advance. 

Community of Practitioners

You'll become part of a community of likeminded people across Health and Alternative Medicine. You'll also be able to ask questions and provide insight based on our cumulative experience.

Archived Video Training

You'll have access to the Live Training Sessions after they are complete so you can review, replay, and revisit at any point. You will have lifetime access to this archive through Facebook.

No Fluff, Actionable Sessions

This is a hands-on, fully demonstrated and explained format where you learn best by seeing, doing, and then unpacking as we move through what really works, drawing from many different fields of therapy.

Great Help & Support

We always want our members to be happy with our training and community. You'll have access to quick and friendly support with Ali Campbell and his team for the full seven weeks.

What people say about My rapid induction courses...

There are countless videos all over the internet with people, usually millennials, claiming to teach you how to do Rapid Inductions. 

Some of the videos I've seen are at best laughable, and at worst, downright dangerous!

Rapid Inductions trigger a particular part of your brain that is usually only triggered by the powerful 'fight or flight' reflex, and so they must be treated with respect, and you must learn them properly.

Once mastered, you will be able to Hypnotise anyone in seconds, and I do mean seconds!

Progressive Relaxation Inductions have their place, but if you want to really impress (or work with an overly analytical client) then Rapid Inductions are a game changer!

If you're a Hypnotherapist who'd love to be able to help more people quickly and easily, or if you'd love to have more time to do the actual change work, now is your chance to learn how I do exactly that. 

Or maybe you're a complete beginner keen to learn a new skill to be able to help others and build your practice FAST.

There is no quicker way to build your practice than to master the elegant and authentic use of Rapid Inductions. 

They look impressive, and they are impressive. When you use them, people can't wait to talk about it and tell their friends when you use them. 

The word-of-mouth referrals alone will have you busier than you can handle.

Over the last eighteen years I have travelled the world helping thousands of clients and studying with some of the very best in the field of personal development. 

Now, in this unique format, I will be teaching the very best of what I know. 

I'm going to strip out any "fluff" and get straight to what works. The real, reliable, and repeatable techniques that work time and time again.

This course is suitable for total beginners to highly experienced Hypnotherapists. 

Some of what I will teach has never been taught in the UK before.

This is not a long, drawn out, textbook-based course; this is NOT a course where you will be asked to write essays and complete long case studies. This is NOT a course where you will simply be handed a bundle of scripts and encouraged to take a "one size fits nobody" approach. 

If you have been on one of those courses already, you will know exactly what I mean. 

This is an "access all areas" course, thoroughly explained in detail, as we move through what really works.

I have used the techniques you will learn with Celebrities, Rockstars, and even International Royalty, and have seen them work, and fast, and which are all rooted in the subconscious mind.

The course will comprise seven weekly live teaching sessions where I will show you: -
  • How to quickly assess absolutely anyone and know how deeply they’ll go into a trance, as well as which induction to use, before you even start. ​
  • ​My proven checklist to help you know, in a matter of seconds, exactly which technique is going to work best for anyone you meet.
  • ​​How to trigger a PGO spike and prime the subconscious mind to automatically accept your suggestion, and how to do it authentically and elegantly.
  • ​​I’ll teach you my THREE FAVOURITE suggestibility tests and show you exactly why each works differently from the others. ​
  • ​My FAVOURITE INDUCTIONS that I use in my own private practice, and why they ALWAYS WORK. ​
  • ​How to integrate Rapid Inductions with client therapy work to bring about effortless, fast change
  • ​​I’ll thoroughly explain the theory and background to each principle and technique that you’ll learn, not just what to do, but why, and the proven science behind it. ​
  • ​I will personally demonstrate my life-changing techniques working live and show you exactly what to do and precisely how to do it, as if you were in the room with me. ​
  • ​In the group you’ll even be able to unpack what you have learned. I’ll show you how to integrate it all and join together the complete process that you’ve learned, from start to finish.
what we'll achieve together on this transformative masterclass
In short, when you attend this very intensive, yet great fun, online Masterclass course, you will be ready to deliver Rapid Hypnotic Inductions with skill and confidence, like never before.
You'll be able to assess people quickly and with certainty and know precisely how to approach working with them with confidence and ease.
You'll be able to help people with all sorts of common issues, enabling them to live a life where they can be free from fear, stress, anxiety, compulsions, or habits and phobias that affect so many people every day. 
1 in 10 of the population have a phobia so bad that it affects their daily life. 

Just think how many people that is… And that’s just phobias alone. 
Whether you are interested in making a personal difference in your own life or in building a successful practice doing well by doing good, here is where you can learn the skills you need to be successful.
With the skills you will learn and, of course, some practise, you can be achieving results faster than you think and be in demand very quickly indeed.
That's how I built my own practice eighteen years ago and continue to do so today… It’s all about results, and with the step-by-step process I’m going to guide you through, those results can come quickly and easily for you and your clients. 
I don’t work one-to-one anymore unless you are one of my existing high-profile clients or we have been introduced by personal referral, but I’m now in the position to be able to teach you exactly the same remarkable techniques that you might have seen get me and my clients some very impressive results; the same results you might have read about in the newspapers or have seen on TV in over 72 countries. 
This may well be the only time I teach Rapid Inductions like this and so I am going to teach what I really do, and the results of which you might have seen me show on TV or heard of in the press. Think of this as a one-off course, and I can't wait to teach you personally.
It will be just you and me. 
No one else is supporting me on this course; I am teaching all the content myself and holding nothing back
I don't have anyone else's schedule to follow or egos to work around, so I can give you what I want to, the very best I know.
The course will not be available anywhere else so, please book now and secure your place.
Join the transformational masterclass today